About the Chair

"Ship Theory and Design Department named after professor Y.L. Vorobyov" is structurally a part of "Shipbuilding, Information Technologies and System Engineering" faculty of ONMU and provides training of bachelors and masters in specialty 135 "Shipbuilding".

History of the department

Department of Ship Theory and Design  was established in 1992 by combining the two oldest departments of the University - the Department of Ship Theory and the Department of Ship construction and Design.

The educational unit, which can be considered the prototype of these departments, was organized in 1918 when the Odessa Polytechnic Institute (OPI) was founded. It was from the OPI in 1930 that the Odessa Institute of Water Transport Engineers (OIWTE) was singled out. At the shipbuilding faculty of the OIWTE worked the department of the shipbuilding direction, on the basis of which, after a while, two departments were formed: ship theory and ship design.

During World War II  evacuation of the Institute departments were merged, however, from 1948 to 1992 as part of the Odessa Institute of Marine Engineers worked two departments - the theory of the ship and the design and design of ships. The departments always complemented each other, often worked together, the relations of their teams always characterized close cooperation and often personal friendship.

In the united and separate versions the departments were headed by famous pedagogues and large scientists, talented teachers, heads and leading specialists of shipbuilding and ship repair worked at the departments. Many of them in different years were the color of domestic shipbuilding science and practice.