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Privacy Policy

This "Privacy Policy" (hereinafter - the Policy) establishes the rules of treatment of personal data of the Users by the management of the website

The Policy applies to Internet resources mapped to the domain name and subdomains of the domain if the subdomains do not have their own Policy.

The Policy is an integral part of the User Agreement. Terms, definitions and abbreviations are used in the Policy, the meaning of which is given in the User Agreement.

1 Data processing

1.1 The website does not intentionally collect personal data of the User.

1.2 The data collected on the website is presented in an impersonal form to prevent the identification of the User:

1.2.1 The information: name, phone number, e-mail address and other, is provided by the User by self-referral to the support addresses and through the feedback forms of the Internet site.

1.2.2 Data that is collected automatically in accordance with the settings of the User's software.

1.3 The administration of the website defines the requirements for the composition of the User's impersonal data, which is collected by the website.

1.4 Non-obligatory information, with an appropriate marking and or explanation, is provided at the discretion of the User.

1.5 The administration of the website does not check the accuracy of the information provided by the User and the User's consent to data processing in accordance with this Policy. The Directorate of the Internet site assumes that the User acts in good faith, prudently and makes the necessary efforts to keep the information up to date and to obtain the necessary permission to use such information.

1.6 The User is aware of and accepts the use of third-party software on the website, which receives and transmits anonymized data independently of the settings and content of the website and or the actions of the administration of the website.

1.7 The composition of anonymized data collected using third-party software is determined by the copyright holders of such software and may include:

1.7.1 User device and location data;

1.7.2 operating system data - type, version, screen resolution;

1.7.3 User's browser data - type, version, cookies;

1.7.4 request data - time, IP-address, source of transition.

1.8 The Directorate of the Internet site is not responsible for the use of anonymized User's data by third parties.

2 Purposes of data processing

2.1 The management of the website uses data for the following purposes:

2.1.1 to process requests and to interact with the User;

2.1.2 For notification, including the sending of advertising and information materials;

2.1.3 For market research, statistical and other studies;

2.1.4 for selection and display of advertising materials on the Internet site.

3 Data protection requirements

3.1 The administration of the website shall keep data from unauthorized access and distribution in accordance with the internal rules and regulations.

3.2 Received data is kept confidential, except when:

3.2.1 The user has declared the data to be publicly available;

3.2.2 The technologies and software of third parties, which are used on the Website, or the settings of the User's software provide for an open exchange with third parties and or other Internet users.

3.3 The administration of the website has the right to keep logs of the User's actions on the website for 12 (twelve) calendar months in order to improve the quality of work of the website.

4 Data transfer

4.1 The administration of the Internet site is entitled to transfer the User's data to third parties in the following cases:

4.2 The User has expressed and confirmed their consent to such actions, including the cases of

4.2.1 changes in settings of the User's software, which do not limit the provision of the User's data;

4.2.2 the transfer of data is necessary for the User to use the functions of the Website;

4.2.3 data transfer is required in accordance with the purposes of data processing;

4.2.4 when the Website is transferred to the possession, use or disposal of a third party;

4.2.5 at the request of a court or other authorized state body;

4.2.6 to protect the rights and legitimate interests of the management and or the owner of the Internet-node violations of the User Agreement.

5 Changes in the Privacy Policy

5.1 Policy can be changed or terminated by the directorate of the Internet-node unilaterally without prior notification to the User. The new version of the Policy comes into effect from the moment of its posting on the website or according to the rules, which are stipulated by the new version of the Policy.

Based on the original text

Current version of the Policy, dated September 01, 2023.